RCC and RES Canada Present – The Second Generation of Electrical Load Demand Response

1:00 - 2:00 PM EST


Renewable Energy Systems Canada (RES), working in conjunction with Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), have a unique offering for large electricity users in the province to generate income from their electrical assets using a new, innovative and unobtrusive Demand Response service.

RES’ second generation demand response technology is fully automated, safe and secure and allows energy users to time-shift their electrical load to reduce bills or to generate revenue through participation in provincial balancing programs, such as the IESO Demand Response Pilot Program. RES has been awarded contracts under this program in which electricity users are paid in return for reducing demand when requested by the IESO.

We are seeking progressive retail, commercial and industrial partners who have significant energy consumption across your locations and are interested in modernizing this energy consumption profile. This advanced technology aggregates multiple geographically dispersed devices, such as HVAC, refrigeration, pumps or compressors, to provide a significant demand reduction to the IESO when needed. There is no noticeable impact on the customer’s operations or processes, and no resource input required from the customer. The platform has demonstrated that it is:

Automated – cloud based technology manages which loads to reduce when, and communicates directly with the device control system such as the controller or BMS.
Safe - the platform operates remotely within customer defined set points which cannot be breached, thus ensuring the safety and continuity of the customers operations.
Unobtrusive – by aggregating multiple devices the load reduction requirements of each individual device is reduced.

Please join us on Thursday November 12th at 1:00PM EST for a live webinar where RES will present this new and exciting opportunity to retailers with operations in Ontario.

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IESO Demand Response Program – http://www.ieso.ca/Pages/participate/Demand-Response-Pilot/default.aspx

Renewable Energy Systems Canada - http://www.res-americas.com/en/about-us/res-canada.aspx