Understanding What The New "Anti-Spam" Legislation Will Mean To You


Everyone seems to have heard about CASL – Canada’s Anti-spam legislation, but few are aware of its implications. CASL will impose significant and unprecedented requirements on businesses to acquire consent in order to send marketing emails and other commercial electronic communications.  The regulations have now been published and will take effect July 1, 2014.

View our webinar – available exclusively to members – to find out WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU and your operations.  Retail Council of Canada and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce are partnering to offer this webinar which will save you time, energy and money as you move through compliance with this new regulation.

What you’ll learn:
• What is a CEM?
• What constitutes consent?
• How do I get consent?
• How do I prove I have consent?
• What are the exemptions?
• What does this mean for my business?

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