EnAbling Change for Retailers Program

Retail Council of Canada (RCC) is proud to introduce the EnAbling Change for Retailers Program designed to help the retail sector create more inclusive employment practices, promote awareness and regulatory compliance, while driving a culture of respect and dignity for people with disabilities.

How May I Help You eLearning Module

People with disabilities deserve accessible customer service experiences. Some may have specific access needs—and when they do, you’re expected to make sure it happens.

This course will help you: 
  • Identify that disabilities are both visible and invisible and may impact a customer’s access to goods or services. 
  • Recognize your legal obligations to ensure customer service is accessible to everyone.
  • Apply strategies to make all customers feel welcome and included, regardless of their access needs. 
  • Evaluate and mitigate barriers that might make shopping difficult for customers.  

This course should take you approximately 30 minutes to complete. You can leave at any time and come back without losing your progress.

Inclusive Hiring HR Tool Kit

Did you know that over 50% of Canadians live with some form of disability? To provide retailers with insights into optimal inclusive hiring practices and maximize their chances of discovering top talent among individuals with disabilities nationwide, RCC has created Inclusive Hiring – Your Duty to Accommodate. This tool kit will offer you and your retail teams a foundation to improve your inclusion strategies and associated hiring practices, ensuring individuals with disabilities feel safe, respected, and valued from the outset.

Key sections in the HR tool kit include:
  • Writing Inclusive Job Descriptions
  • Posting Inclusive Jobs and Accessibility Notices
  • Creating an Inclusive Interview Environment
  • Building an Inclusive Onboarding Experience

Mental Health in Retail Industry Webinar Series

RCC has partnered with Ontario’s accessibility leaders to produce a webinar series entitled Mental Health in Retail Industry to assist retailers with tools and resources to make their stores psychological healthy and safe. The goal of this webinar series is to provide the industry with must need information on mental health disabilities and how to remove the stigma and bias in their operations for both employees and customers. Sign up for these webinars below.

The importance of mental health awareness in the retail sector.

Supports and programs from specialists in the mental health community

How to build a healthy store environment.

The role of Mental Health in DEI.

More Resources from the Mental Health Commission of Canada

This program is possible because of the generous support of the Ontario government’s Ministry of Seniors and Accessibility.