Holiday Resources for Retailers

Tips and tools to support retailers during the 2021 holiday season

As we head into peak shopping season, RCC has compiled this list of key research and resources to help retailers fine-tune and optimize their 2021 holiday plans. We’ll share everything we find on retail during this period, from e-commerce and digital insights to in-store experiences to cutting edge delivery experiences.

New information will be added regularly so check back often!

(We’ve also kept some of the most popular resources from 2020 – see the bottom of the page for your favorites).

RCC Leger Holiday Research

RCC Leger Holiday Shopping Survery 2021

Conducted by Leger, Retail Council of Canada’s 4th annual Holiday Shopping Survey 2021 asked Canadians from coast to coast how they intend to shop this upcoming holiday shopping season.

Read the survey.

Holiday Research and Guidebooks

2021 holiday retail outlook – Deloitte

This holiday season, retailers and brands that can meet consumers’ desire for convenience and a “frictionless” experience could be at an advantage.

Sitecore 2021 Holiday trends report

This global survey sheds lights on current consumer attitudes and values that have emerged from the COVID pandemic, and how they are impacting consumer behavior in the lead up to the 2021 holiday season.

2021 Canadian holiday outlook

What’s on the minds of Canadian consumers and what should retailers expect this holiday season? Find out in PwC’s 2021 Holiday Outlook report.

Pinterest Holiday resources

Pinterest Holiday Guide

An introduction and guide to marketing on Pinterest, including consumer insights, strategic timelines, and creative inspiration. This guide helps retailers of all sizes harness the benefits of Pinterest.

MIQ - The pandemic affect, holiday resource

The pandemic effect- MIQ

The holiday shopping season is fast approaching. But with the pandemic still ongoing in various ways, it’s going to look a bit different this year. This report covers anticipated holiday shopping behaviors, marketing timelines, and delivering on ROI.

Google holiday resources

Think Retail on Air 2021

Join Google for Think Retail on Air, a virtual event focused on preparing your business for the holidays. The 2021 holiday season is predicted, yet again, to be unlike any other. Tune in to hear industry experts and Google product specialists share the latest holiday shopping insights, trends, and strategies to help you capture the comeback this season.

Snapchat - win the festive shopping season

Win the festive shopping season – Snapchat

Snapchat’s how-to guide to discover how your brand can capture the hearts and wallets of gifters and celebrators all festive shopping season long.

Holiday retail marketing guide

2021 Retail Marketing Guide – Google

Google has created a straightforward guide to help retailers in Canada better leverage Google’s tools, product recommendations, and consumer insights to help you achieve your business and marketing objectives.

New customers in holiday season

How to drive retail sales and reach new customers this holiday season- Google U.S.

This straightforward retail guide helps you get the most out of Google during the holidays with highly useful tools, product recommendations, and consumer insights to navigate changing consumer needs, regional restrictions and help you achieve and exceed your holiday objectives.

holiday planning guide

The new holiday retail planning guide – Salesforce

The New Holiday Retail Planning Guide: Preparing for the 2021 holiday shopping landscape

This guide offers tips and strategies on how to optimize your digital channels as you navigate the 2021 holiday season.  

facebook marketing guide

Turn on the power of personalization for the holidays – Facebook

In this marketing guide, you’ll learn how peoples’ need to feel connected, entertained and inspired is affecting the way they shop and buy – and how the FaceBook Discovery Commerce system can deliver on each of these needs by creating personalized discovery experiences. 

Deloitte holiday resources

Holiday retail sales – Deloitte

Deloitte also forecasts that e-commerce sales will grow by 11-15%, year-over-year, during the 2021-2022 holiday season. This will likely result in e-commerce holiday sales reaching between $210 billion and $218 billion this season.

Looking ahead to the 2021 holiday shopping season – Ipsos

Explore new research insights from the Ipsos U.S. syndicated online community to learn how shoppers are adapting to the evolving post-pandemic retail landscape today, and how they are planning ahead for Black Friday and beyond.

canada post holiday season guide

Ringing in a new reality this holiday season

As consumers decide which of their
newfound shopping preferences will stick, the pressure remains on retailers to stay responsive and agile while keeping an eye on what’s happening with consumer sentiment. Find insights from Canada Posts’ consumer research to help you plan, respond and execute like an e-commerce leader.

Shopify Holiday Selling Tips for Retailers

One thing is clear: consumers in 2021 want no boundaries between their digital and physical retail experiences. Use these actionable tips to hit your sales targets and give your customers unforgettable shopping experiences this holiday season—in-store and online.

Videos and Webinars

Facebook: Holiday, Unwrapped, Part 1

Is your brand ready for the holidays? Hear from industry leaders about how they’re preparing for mega sales days this year — and how you can too.

Facebook: Holiday, Unwrapped, Part 2

Are you connecting with your ideal holiday shoppers? Find out how personalization and inspiring creative can help you reach the people who matter most.

Facebook: Holiday, Unwrapped, Part 1

Do you know how to measure your marketing efforts? Get insights from Facebook experts to create seamless Holiday shopping.

Holiday season 2021: Predict, prepare, and prosper – Canada Post

This free webinar shares Canada Posts’ recent learning from its commerce research study.  It builds on lessons learned in holiday 2020 and will help you plan, develop, and execute strategies for a successful holiday season in 2021.

RCC safety tips

Shareable Holiday Materials

Here are shareable consumer-focused videos and posters you can use to encourage early and safe shopping with a local retailer this holiday so that everyone can enjoy this special time of the year.

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