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RCC Holiday Shopping Survey 2022

October 24, 2022

NOW AVAILABLE FOR RCC MEMBERS: Comprehensive 147-page report on how consumer plan to shop for holiday 2022

The RCC X Leger 5th annual Holiday Shopping Survey of over 2,500 Canadians from coast-to-coast highlights that in 2022, consumers are eager to return to their holiday traditions but when, how, and who they will buy for, is changing.

This year, Canadians are planning more in-person celebrations, are anticipating spending more time searching and buying in physical stores, and, foresee laying out $790 on holiday purchases – about the same as last year – despite financial challenges.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday will continue to be the busiest shopping days, both in-store and online with consumers looking for more deals and to get back into the holiday spirit.

A new component added to this year’s survey was an advanced analytics analysis which weighs stated   behaviours with what will likely actually impact consumer behaviours.  While concerns over supply chain delays and potential disruption from new waves of COVID still linger, the advanced analytics identified that retailers with lower prices, discounts, and free shipping will appeal to 81% of consumers and will likely have the most impact in driving sales this season.

This year’s deeper analytics also looked at consumer behaviour profiling and identified five distinct holiday shopping consumer segments:  The Online Holiday Shopper (24%), The Neutral Holiday Shopper (23%), The Excited Holiday Shopper (19%), The Festive Holiday Shopper (19%), and The Disenchanted Holiday Shopper (15%). These detailed profiles include specifics on how these consumers differ regarding planned holiday spend, method of purchase, when they plan to shop, how to best communicate with them, importance to them of choosing a local retailer, their key holiday shopping attitudes and behaviours, as well as their top retail shopping categories for this season. This information is included in the full survey that is available exclusively to RCC members.

For more overview details on this year’s findings, including key regional differences, please see the press release.

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