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As an independent retail owner, RCC fights unapologetically for the concerns of independent businesses and has developed several resources and savings programs to help independent retailers succeed.

Member Benefits for Independent Retailers

Throughout Small Business Month, RCC is offering a 20% discount to independent retailers who become members. Save on services like shipping, payments, marketing, and more!

Key Issues

Independent Retailers on The Voice of Retail Podcast
Independent Retailers on The Voice of Retail Podcast

To celebrate Small Business Month, RCC has compiled interviews with some of Canada’s most brilliant independent retailers and entrepreneurs to share insights, provide solutions, and help others realize their potential.

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Payment and Credit Card Fees
Payment and Credit Card Fees

Canadians pay some of the highest interchange in the world. Close to 1.5% of Canadian credit card spending goes directly to the big credit card companies and their issuing banks, therefore reducing retailers’ profit margins and driving up prices for Canadian consumers.

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RCC Member Benefit Programs 

With inflation a concern for many Canadians, saving time and money are paramount so we wanted to remind you that our savings and benefits programs are curated to provide real value to our members. Take the time to review our list of vetted partners including our recently launched RetailCare program, which offers health and wellness benefits plans designed for retailers, as well as Neo Financial and our new shipping partner, ShipTime.


Holiday Resources for Retailers

RCC has compiled key industry research and resources to help retailers fine-tune and optimize their holiday plans. Our Holiday Resources for Retailers page is where we’ll share everything we find on retail during this period, from e-commerce and digital insights, surveys and articles, to the best in-store experiences and cutting edge delivery systems. New information is added regularly so check back often!

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