Independent Retailers

As an independent retail owner, RCC fights unapologetically for the concerns of independent businesses and has developed several resources and savings programs to help independent retailers succeed.

Key Issues

RCC RetailCare Health Benefits Program

Flexible and affordable health benefits for retailers

Payment and Credit Card Fees

As more Canadians opt for credit card payment, whether chip-and-PIN, contactless, or online, Canada must lower its interchange fees to align with other international jurisdictions…

Independent Retailers News

How to Access $123,000 in Federal Funding to Grow E-commerce and Digitize Operations

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) is a $4 billion initiative that was introduced in 2021 by the Government of Canada to help small- to…

RCC’s Retail CyberSecure program

The Impacts of Cybercrime Did you know?• The average cost of a data breach in Canada is $5.64 million — $1 million more than global…

Independent Retailers Resources