RCC’s Retail CyberSecure program

RCC’s Retail CyberSecure program creates essential resources to inform how retailers can fortify their systems and train their staff on the best practices in preventing cyber crime.

The Impacts of Cybercrime

Did you know?
• The average cost of a data breach in Canada is $5.64 million — $1 million more than global averages.
• Cybercrime and fraud cost Canadians more than $500-million in 2022 alone.

To assist retailers in building processes and infrastructures that protect their organizations and customers, RCC, with the generous support of Ontario government’s Ministry of the Solicitor General, is working with cybercrimes experts, retail IT experts, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to create RCC Retail CyberSecure. This initiative will help create essential resources to inform how retailers can fortify their systems and train their staff on the best practices in preventing cyber crime.

RCC’s Retail CyberSecure offers a variety of tools, including free downloadable guidebooks, e-learning training modules, links to critical industry resources, and webinars.

Anyone interested in learning more about how to keep themselves and their retail operations safe from cybercrime is strongly encouraged to utilize the resources below.



Cyber Security Fundamentals for Retailers

An introductory guidebook designed to help retailers achieve a safe and secure digital environment for their businesses. This go-to resource is filled with a breadth of useful information, tips, and best practices to enhance any retailers’ digital ecosystem, and protect against the threat of cybercrime.

Cyber Security for Retail Management

Designed specifically for retail managers, this guidebook offers helpful information and actionable strategies on managing data security, securing remote access points of sale, maintaining a secure physical space, and more. It includes self-assessment tools to help managers quickly identify threats to their business and to their employees.

Cyber Security for Retail IT

An in-depth guidebook addressing the most critical elements and layers of the digital retail business, it provides practical information, direction, and best practices for retail IT professionals in their efforts to fend off the threats of cybercrimes. Focus areas include secure software integration and incident response management.

eLearning modules: Address retail cybersecurity challenges

eLearning Level 1

Explore the essentials of cybersecurity in our comprehensive RCC CyberSecure eLearning Module 1, tailored specifically for the retail industry. Learn how to implement crucial cybersecurity practices to shield retailers from cyber-attacks, ensuring the safety of electronic devices, data, and online activities within a retail environment.

Key Course Highlights:

  • Risk Mitigation
  • Types of Cybersecurity
  • Password and Passphrase Security
  • Safe Web Browsing
  • The Role of Cookies in Online Security
  • Situational expertise on Tampered Point of Sale (POS) Devices
  • Interactive quizzes to test your understanding

Test your understanding with interactive quizzes to reinforce your cybersecurity knowledge.

Empower your teams with this module; upon completion, gain the expertise to address cybersecurity challenges in retail.

eLearning Level 2

Elevate your cybersecurity expertise with our advanced course RCC CyberSecure eLearning Module 2. Discover how to safeguard against a spectrum of cyber threats, from malware to social engineering attacks, while learning how to implement a robust incident response plan.

Key Course Highlights:

  • Social engineering attacks
  • Pharming vs phishing
  • Ransomware attacks and incident response
  • Financial and data loss
  • Data release and litigation

The course concludes with assessments to ensure a comprehensive understanding of crucial concepts, empowering your team to stay vigilant, report incidents effectively, and mitigate cybersecurity risks.

Retail CyberSecure Webinars

Cybersecurity Awareness Webinar

WATCH NOW: Cybercrimes are on the rise and can affect the daily operations of retail store. Being Cybersecurity aware involves being mindful of cybersecurity in the day-to-day running of retail operations.

Current Cyber Threats Webinar

WATCH NOW: In this session, the latest from RCC’s Retail CyberSecure Progam, learn about the current cyber security threats that can disrupt your business operations and prevent you from both keeping your customers information safe and securing your stores.

Threat Action Plans Webinar

WATCH NOW: In the third of six webinars hosted by Retail Council of Canada, Threat Action Plans showed how retailers should be planning to fight cyber threats, both new and old, through 2023 and beyond.

Defensive Procedures Webinar

WATCH NOW: Learn more about defensive procedures.

Ransomware Training for Technical Teams

WATCH NOW: Get the inside track on ransomware.

Brute Force Attacks

WATCH NOW: In our final of six webinars, RCC discusses brute force attacks and how to protect retailers.

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This program is possible because of the generous support of the Ontario government’s Ministry of the Solicitor General.