Introducing RCC’s Retail CyberSecure program

Coming Feburary 8, 2023: The first of six Retail CyberSecure webinars: Cybersecurity awareness featuring Randy Purse, Senior Cybersecurity Advisor, Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst at Toronto Metropolitan University.

With all the changes in how consumers shop and buy, retailers and shoppers alike are becoming increasingly vulnerable to potential cyber crime.

To assist retailers in building processes and infrastructures that protect their organizations and customers, Retail Council of Canada (RCC), with the generous support of Ontario government’s Ministry of the Solicitor General, is working with cybercrimes experts, retail IT experts, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to create the RCC Retail CyberSecure program. This initiative will help create essential resources to inform how retailers can fortify their systems and train their staff on the best practices in preventing cyber crime.

RCC’s Retail CyberSecure program will eventually offer a variety of tools, including free downloadable guidebooks, e-learning training modules, links to critical industry resources, and videos.

Kicking-off the program will be a series of 6 webinars (available in English and French) on the topics of cybersecurity awareness (Feb. 8, 2023), current cyber threats (March 8, 2023), threat reaction plans (April 5, 2023), defensive procedures (May 3, 2023), ransomware training for technical teams (June 7, 2023), and brute force attacks (July 5, 2023).

Anyone interested in learning more about how to keep themselves and their retail operations safe from cybercrime is strongly encouraged to participate these free webinars.

RCC Retail Cybersecure Resources

Cybersecurity Awareness Webinar

Feburary 8, 2023: Cybercrimes are on the rise and can affect the daily operations of retail store. Being Cybersecurity aware involves being mindful of cybersecurity in the day-to-day running of retail operations. Being aware of the dangers of browsing the web, payment processing, checking email and interacting online are all components of cybersecurity awareness. Learn more.

Cybersecurity, Privacy & Data Protection

By BLG: When it comes to cybersecurity, there are only two kinds of organizations: those that have been hacked and know it, and those that have been hacked and don’t know it yet. BLG’s skilled team offers six areas of targeted service. Read more.

Cybersecurity Strategies for Digitally Evolved Retailers

By Reshift Media: It is common to assume that a cyber-attack won’t happen to your retail business… until it does. Retail is high on the list of industries that are prone to cyber-attacks and have more data breaches overall than other sectors. Read more.

Impact of cybercrime on Canadian businesses, 2021

By Statistics Canada: Since the onset of the pandemic, work and business transactions have increasingly been conducted virtually rather than in-person, and along with this increase comes increased awareness and increased concerns about privacy, data protection and cyber security. Read more.

Why retail stores are more vulnerable than ever to cybercrime

By IFSEC Global: for those retailers that have a physical store as well as an online presence, there might be an assumption that the cyber security in-store doesn’t need to be considered as a top priority. Well, doing so could be a big mistake. Read more.

Stemming the rising tide of retail cybercrime through strong reporting and response

By RCC, through StatCan: Cybercrime is on the rise in Canada. It’s impacting every business, from small independent retailers to the largest of corporations, in every pocket of the country. If your business is online, cybercriminals will find you. Read more.

This program is possible because of the generous support of the Ontario government’s Ministry of the Solicitor General.

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