Fashion Business Uncovered

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November 29, 2019

Fashion Business Uncovered is an annual conference that explores, celebrates, and educates about the diverse facets of the fashion industry. Named Best Conference at the 2018 Desautels Management Achievement Awards, Fashion Business Uncovered strives to portray an authentic image of the industry and allows each attendee to find their place as a leader of the next generation. Our annual conferences are tailored to address current issues and trends within the fashion industry. With growing environmental concerns and increasingly conscious consumption habits, it is important to include both producers and consumers in Fashion Business Uncovered’s seventh edition. This year’s overarching theme, “Behind the Seams”, will take into account these stakeholders and approach current fashion trends from two perspectives: the humans behind clothing, addressing questions of identity, body diversity, race & culture; and the production behind clothes, including sustainability concerns and ethical fabric sourcing.