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From facial recognition to extra staff: High and low tech tools used to combat shoplifting in Winnipeg

A male shoplifter stealing some expensive gourmet cheese in a specialty supermarket

A CTV News Winnipeg article outlined the increase in shoplifting in Winnipeg. RCC’s Sonny Brar outlined the different steps retailers are taking to combat it:

The Retail Council of Canada works with both law enforcement and businesses across the country. Sonny Brar is the chair of the Loss Prevention Advisory Council, and works with Canadian retailers to track trends.

Brar told CTV News shoplifting has become more sophisticated, with many thieves scoping out the retail area ahead of time.

“If they have a store that they’re targeting, they will come in during regular hours and they will observe CCTV cameras,” said Brar.

Along with the location of cameras, Brar said thieves might look for the placement of convex mirrors, identify blind spots or work in groups to distract staff at a store.

The Retail Council estimates retail theft cost the Manitoba economy $27 million in 2018.

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