Get a complimentary BarterPay account pre-loaded with $250 in Barter Credits™

As a Retail Council of Canada member, when you sign up for a BarterPay account between April 1, 2021 and February 15, 2022, you get a complimentary BarterPay account (valued at $175) that is pre-loaded with $250 in Barter Credits™ which can be redeemed immediately for anything on the BarterPay ecosystem.  As soon as you barter $1000 worth of your inventory at full retail value in exchange for Barter Credits™, BarterPay will also put an additional $750 in Barter Credits™ into your account.  

This gives you $2000 Barter Credits™ ($250 upfront, $1000 that you earn by bartering your inventory, and another $750 as a free gift) that can be used to get other things you need like PPE, website development, leasehold improvements, signage, employee incentives, SEO consulting and hundreds of other products and services.

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RCC members receive a $175 bill credit upon activation as well as access to interest-free Barter Loans™.

BarterPay has taken the age-old practice of one-to-one bartering and transformed it into a one-to-many organized system where thousands of businesses are converting their unsold time and space and idle inventory into what they need and conserving their hard-earned cash. Retailers can now obtain things like printing, advertising, leasehold improvements, signage, PPE and more by trading their excess inventory at full retail value.

Retail Council of Canada has established an affinity partnership with BarterPay, whose organized system utilizing Barter Credits™ are recognized as a cash equivalent by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). One Barter Credit™ equals one Canadian Dollar for valuation, accounting and tax purposes.

Through the BarterPay platform, retailers can now access a wide variety of goods and services without using cash, instead they can just offer up their slower-moving inventory in exchange. The inventory is sold at retail value to other BarterPay members for Barter Credits™. Regardless of who acquires the inventory, the seller can take their newly earned Barter Credits™ and use them with any other member in the network to offset what would have been cash expenditures.

This partnership brings a unique opportunity for RCC members to conduct smart business using barter which will significantly improve cash flow. Please visit to learn more and book a quick, no obligation discovery call. 

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