Accessible Customer Service

Customers with disabilities spend approximately $55 billion every year in Canada. Ensure you are able to tap into this huge market with these resources.

‘How may I help you?: Welcoming Customers with Disabilities’ Training Module

This online course helps businesses attract more customers of all abilities and was develop by Retail Council of Canada and the Ontario government. It uses real-life scenarios to teach people how to interact with customers who have a variety of disabilities, including those who:

  • Use assistive devices, such as canes or wheelchairs
  • Have an invisible disability, such as a learning or mental health disability
  • Are accompanied by a sign language interpreter
  • Have a support person

To receive a free copy of the course, please contact RCC’s Education department at

Customer Service Policy Template

Download this document to help develop your store’s policy for serving customers with disabilities.

Enabling Change for Retailers Webinar Series – Accessibility Needs