Mental Health in Retail Guidebook

Did you know?  

  • One in eight people live with a mental disorder* 
  • As a result of effects of COVID-19, the number of people living with anxiety and depressive disorders has risen significantly  
  • 26% increase in the number of people suffering from anxiety* 28% increase cases of major depressive disorders* 

*World Health Organization

From store closures to accelerated ecommerce to curbside pickup, retailers have been dealing with the challenges of COVID-19 and have been forced to pivot in all areas of the business.  Additionally, as the gatekeepers of these new protocols and safety standards, frontline retail workers have been dealing with different points of stress, anxiety, and frustration at the customer level.

To help retail leaders and the front-line employees they support, RCC has developed a comprehensive Mental Health in Retail Guidebook. This free-to-download guide offers critical information and insights to help retail employees better understand how the mental health of their team can impact their customers and business success, including: 

  • Resources and tools for retail employees to assist in evaluating their mental health 
  • Strategies and tactics for practicing de-escalation in customer service 
  • A psychological Health and Safety plan for the retail workplace