Mental Health Resources for Retail Employees

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges for retail employees. To assist retailers, RCC has assembled resources that you can use to help support employees.

Building mental health into operations during COVID-19

This special session presented by Liz Horvath, a leader in workplace mental health, provides practical advice that employers in the retail sector can use to support their own mental health and the mental health of their workers.

Suicide Prevention in the Workplace – Mental Health Commission of Canada

Increased stress, anxiety and depression are all side-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. For some people, this translates to feelings of hopelessness, despair, or even suicidal thoughts. We need to have meaningful conversations in the workplace about suicide, to provide support and resources, and to bring hope to someone who may be struggling with the thought of suicide. Use this guide to navigate those difficult conversations. It offers information for your own mental health and for employers, managers, and co-workers, along with tips for those who work with the public. Just talking about suicide is one of the best ways to prevent it. View the guide

Mini-guide to help employee’s mental health through winter

This 23-page guide developed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada covers everything from reasons why people experience mood changes, how the pandemic has brought on additional challenges over the winter months, working from home, stress and productivity to showing kindness to employees. This resource is packed with coping strategies and specific tools workers can use to help themselves  through what can be a difficult time. View the guide

Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety e-Courses

Did you know that about one in five Canadians experience mental health issues at some point during their working years? Mental health is on everyone’s mind right now as we navigate through COVID-19. The Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety offers e-courses on various Health and Safety topics, including Mental Health awareness and prevention. To support workplaces during the COVID-19 pandemic, CCOHS has made these courses free of charge until March 31, 2021. View e-courses


Social Stigma and COVID-19: What Employers Need to Know 

Video interview with Dr. Keith Dobson, Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Calgary.

Support the Mental Health of Retail Workers During COVID-19

Liz Horvath discusses how to work together to support the mental health of retail workers

Support retailer worker mental health during COVID-19

COVID-19 resources for the workplace

Links to The Working Mind page with links to free resources focused on workplace mental health.

Wellness Together Canada

A free online service for mental health and substance use support, resources, and counselling with a mental health professional.

Managing return to work anxiety

Resources providing advice for retailers and their employees on how to manage return anxiety as the lockdown shifts.

Additional resources focusing on mental health

Additional resources available from the MHCC COVID-19 Resource Hub

For more information, please visit COVID-19 Health and Safety Resources.

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