Considerations when selecting a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO)

What is a PRO?

A PRO is an organization retained by a producer to establish and/or operate a collection or management system for a regulated material or group of materials (e.g. batteries, tires, etc.)

What can a PRO do?

  • Establish a collection or management system
  • Operate a collection or management system
  • Assist with promotion and education
  • Run a collection day/event on behalf of the producer
  • Prepare and submit reports
    • Report to the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA) on behalf of the producer
    • Report on performance data
    • Complete auditing requirements on behalf of the producer in terms of performance (i.e. PRO can report to RPRA on how much material is collected and processed)
  • Track and notify producers when regulatory targets are met

NOTE: The producer is always responsible for meeting regulatory obligations

Considerations when comparing and selecting PROs

Considerations PRO1 PRO2 PRO3

Type of relationship with haulers and processors?

  • Are they a sister company or do they have a contract?
  • Have they worked with haulers and processors before?

Type of relationship with municipalities

  • Have they collected waste from municipalities before and have strong relationships?

Does the PRO offer synergies that are not possible with other PROs?

Type/extent of collection network?

  • Depending on the size/weight, how will the PRO be collecting materials – using trucks, couriers, etc.?
  • Does the PRO own their own trucks or have contracts?

IT Chain of Custody?

  • How will material collection be tracked and recorded?
  • E.g. iPads at collection sites – confirmed data will assist with auditing

How often will the PRO need data?

  • E.g. monthly, quarterly, etc.

Can the PRO audit on behalf of the producer?

If materials are collected in excess of regulatory obligation, how will producers be compensated?

  • E.g. receive share of profit, ability to negotiate reduced PRO rates

What will the pay schedule be?

  • E.g. monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.

How much is the PRO estimating for Environmental Handling Fees (EHF) charged to the producer – overhead fees, operational fees?

Is the PRO not-for-profit or for profit?

Additional considerations

It can be beneficial to sign up with a PRO that already has a large share of the market since they likely have established collection networks and fleets if they are already picking up other materials. In addition, by signing up with a PRO that has a large market share, visible environmental fees will be consistent across the market.

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