Federal Election

Why Retail Matters

As the largest private-sector employer in the country, retailers in Canada hold a critical role in our economy. It is imperative our government support retailers by providing the necessary conditions required to remain competitive and evolve in a highly changeable landscape.

With the 2019 federal election fast approaching, it will be vital for each of the political parties to showcase their vision for a stronger Canada and what they plan on doing for Canada’s retail sector.

Here are some facts to share with candidates while spreading the word about retail.

2.1 million
Canadians are working in Retail industry

retail establishments in Canada

jobs in Canada are in retail, and 56%+ of these jobs are full-time

the average hourly compensation for retail employees in 2017

Source: Stats Canada

When your local candidates knock on your door or you meet them at an event, take time to share your experiences and your pride for Canada’s retail industry. Be sure to let them know that you’re part of Canada’s largest private employment sector, and that retail offers paths for Canadians to gain experience and have dynamic, productive careers.

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