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If I have an employee who is diagnosed with COVID-19, what do I do?

  • The health care provider who makes the diagnosis has the obligation to call and inform Public Health right away. 
  • The Public Health official will conduct the investigation and contact the employer, notifying them about the investigation. 
  • Any disclosure to other employees must respect privacy legislation and be done in accordance with advice from the public health unit.
  • Specific requirements vary by jurisdiction.  At a minimum, restrict access to area(s) the employee worked and comprehensively disinfect the premises using a Health Canada-approved disinfectant.
  • Continue to practice physical distancing, regular handwashing and other regularly prescribed COVID-19 mitigation protocols
  • Generally, an employer is not obligated to inform customers. Public Health officials will conduct an investigation and provide the required follow-up. 

RCC has an incident checklist for retailers dealing with a positive COVID-19 case. View checklist.

Vancouver Coastal Health has a useful resource guide on response to employee sickness or positive COVID-19 diagnosis

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