3rd Annual New Heights Cannabis Tourism Summit

Please note that this event has passed. Please view our upcoming events page or contact events@retailcouncil.org for inquiries about future events.

October 25, 2021

| 9:00am - 4:20pm

Join us for engaging conversations with powerhouse leaders who are actively shaping the recreational cannabis tourism industry in Canada today. Hear from experts in the cannabis tourism space who are developing new experiences and events such as tours, cannabis-friendly accommodations, cannabis events, festivals and much more. Shopping is a big part of tourism and with over 2,400 Cannabis retail stores across Canada, the industry is exploding nationwide, providing new opportunities for cannabis brands and retailers.

This will be a highly inspirational virtual leadership conference featuring strategies for retail growth and tourism recovery starring tourism and cannabis giants, visionaries, business owners, heads of associations, industry experts and policy makers.  This is an opportunity to understand new strategies, gain insights, network and engage with your peers who work in the tourism, cannabis and retail industries.