Evolution of Retail Webinar Series: Product Innovation with Blockchain

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November 27, 2018

| 3:00pm - 3:30pm
We live in a global economy where products (or their components) come from around the world find their way into our home. Did you know that the average frozen pizza has as many as 45 ingredients that come from 60 different countries? Probably not, and you don’t really need to know that information as a consumer. But think about what this would mean as the producer of that pizza faced with a product recall. Where did these ingredients come from, what were the conditions on the farms where they started, how did it makes its way through the supply chain? These are the things you want to know when you’re concerned about food traceability. ​


In this session, Dave Rodgerson of Microsoft will talk with Sherif Messiha from Lixar, a Canadian company that’s helping retailers and CPG companies build secure supply chains with Blockchain technologies that help ensure the quality and provenance of their products.​
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