Blockades could lead to spike in demand for trucking - Retail Council of Canada
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Blockades could lead to spike in demand for trucking

February 19, 2020

The partial shutdown of one of the country’s biggest railway freight networks could lead to a surge in demand for trucking services, according to the Retail Council of Canada.

CN Rail has halted services across Eastern Canada and laid off 450 employees due to blockades by indigenous protesters.

As the suspension of services continues, trucks could soon be transporting a larger share of goods from manufacturing facilities to stores or distribution centers directly, said RCC spokesman Karl Littler.

But Littler is also skeptical whether the trucking industry can meet such a sharp spike in demand because of various rules governing the service, and the rampant driver shortage.

“While it is beneficial for the trucking industry, I am not sure whether there will be enough supply,” he told Today’s Trucking.

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