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Major overhaul of the Québec curbside recycling, introduction of extended producer responsibility in Québec

February 13, 2020

Yesterday, Mr. Benoit Charette, Québec Minister of Environment and Climate Change announced a major overhaul of the Québec curbside recycling system (Blue box) introducing Extended Producer Responsibility principle (EPR) in its operations. $30.5M split between five different programs managed by RECYC-QUÉBEC will be allocated to this reform. Businesses currently compensate municipalities by funding 93% of … Continued


National Battery Day

February 7, 2020

How many products does your business sell that require batteries? As batteries power more and more products we use on a daily basis, we will be celebrating National Battery Day on February 18 and we encourage you to join the celebration too! National Battery Day was created to celebrate the convenience batteries bring to our … Continued

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