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Cycles of philanthropic retail: The story of Obakki with Founder Treana Peake

Treana Peake has devoted her life to spreading the care that she experienced in her small town, Albertan upbringing around the world.

As a philanthropist first, and a retailer second, Obakki has become a space for both utilizing and transforming the structures of traditional retail. Obakki is a purpose-led lifestyle brand that connects people through modern design. This online and Vancouver-based brick-and-mortar brand offers homeware products made by artisans all over the world while upholding three principles: sustainability, traceability, and ethical production.

On this episode of The Voice of Retail, Michael LeBlanc sits down with Treana to talk about the story of Obakki, how she fosters a symbiotic relationship between philanthropy and retail, and how she manages intricate supply chains as an independent retailer in unprecedented times.

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