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Government plans to move to full producer responsibility for plastics, printed paper and packaging; industry applauds decision

August 15, 2019

Industry supports government’s next step to shift costs and oversight of the residential recycling system, and is committed to a common view that plastics, printed paper and packaging do not belong in landfill.

Earlier today, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) announced the beginning of the transition to full producer responsibility for Ontario’s blue-box recycling system.

Our curbside recycling system is a success and will continue to play an essential role in increasing the collection and recycling of plastics, printed paper and packaging in Ontario. Today’s announcement, when fully implemented, will shift both costs and oversight of the residential recycling system to industry, thereby creating a stronger incentive for businesses to optimize packaging.

Retail Canada of Canada (RCC), Food & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC) and Canadian Beverage Association (CBA), who collectively represent the majority of blue-box producers, support the Ontario government’s commitment to improving the blue-box recycling system. The three associations were pleased to represent industry during blue-box mediation earlier this summer and look forward to working collaboratively on a successful transition.

Producers have made significant investments to support the development of Ontario’s current blue-box recycling system. Roughly 1,900 producers provide more than $127 million each year to support municipal collection and processing. Since the blue-box program started, businesses have contributed more than $1.36 billion.

Thanks to investments made by producers and municipalities, the blue-box program is now available to roughly 95% of households in Ontario and continues to exceed the province’s recycling target of 60%.


Retail Council of Canada

Retail Council of Canada (RCC) supports the Ontario government’s commitment to improving the blue-box recycling system. For our part, retailers are committed to full producer responsibility. We share a common view that plastics, printed paper and packaging do not belong in landfill. RCC looks forward to working with all stakeholders to ensure better environmental outcomes.
– Diane J. Brisebois, president & CEO

Food & Consumer Products Canada

Food & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC) welcomes the government’s commitment to strengthen Ontario’s Blue Box program. The orderly transition to full producer responsibility is a positive and necessary step in achieving a harmonized, efficient and cost-effective residential recycling program. By incrementally shifting costs and operational oversight to industry, full producer responsibility will allow for greater innovations in recycling technologies and the use of recyclable materials as we work toward achieving a circular economy, minimized disposal, and consistency in service for Ontarians.
– Michael Graydon, chief executive officer

Canadian Beverage Association

The Canadian Beverage Association supports the move to full producer responsibility. We share the Government of Ontario’s goals of reducing litter, increasing recycling and advancing innovation in the circular economy. We look forward to working with the provincial government, municipalities and producers to build on the success of the Blue Box program by establishing a more harmonized recycling system for Ontarians.
– Jim Goetz, president

Retail Council of Canada:
Retail is Canada’s largest private sector employer with over 2.1 million Canadians working in our industry. The sector annually generates over $76 billion in wages and employee benefits. Core retail sales (excluding vehicles and gasoline) were $377 billion in 2018. Retail Council of Canada (RCC) members represent more than two-thirds of core retail sales in the country. RCC is a not-for-profit industry-funded association that represents small, medium and large retail businesses in every community across the country. As the Voice of Retail™ in Canada, we proudly represent more than 45,000 storefronts in all retail formats, including department, grocery, specialty, discount, independent retailers and online merchants.

Food & Consumer Products of Canada:
Food & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC) is Canada’s largest industry association representing companies that manufacture and distribute the vast majority of food, beverage and consumer goods found on grocery store shelves across the country. This industry is the largest manufacturing sector in Canada, directly employing nearly 300,000 Canadians from coast to coast, the largest share right here in Ontario, and contributing nearly $27 billion annually to the country’s economy. Our members provide safe, high quality products that are found in virtually every single home in Canada.

Canadian Beverage Association:
The Canadian Beverage Association (CBA) represents the majority of non-alcoholic beverage brands and companies in Canada. Our members directly employ more than 20,000 Canadians and operate production facilities, distribution centers and offices throughout the country, with 60 locations in Ontario, employing more than 7,700 Ontarians. The sale of our members’ products supports tens of thousands of independent businesses and hundreds of thousands of retail and foodservice jobs.

Retail Council of Canada, Food & Consumer Products of Canada, Canadian Beverage Association (CNW Group/Retail Council of Canada)

For further information: or to schedule media interviews, please contact: Retail Council of Canada, Sebastian Prins, Director, Government Relations (Ontario), 416-467-3759 x 241,; Food & Consumer Products of Canada, Anthony Fuchs, Director, Communications and Public Relations, 416-648-8808,; Canadian Beverage Association, Jeff Rutledge, Senior Director, Communications, 647-462-3761,

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