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EnAbling Change for Retailers: A Healthy Store

October 20, 2023

This engaging session with Caitlin Walsh, Manager of Employee Development & Family Strengthening at Goodwill Industries as she unveils the invaluable impact of their pioneering mental health program on all employees.

For over a decade Caitlin Walsh has been helping individuals who face barriers such as, justice involvement, socio-economic, mental and physical health challenges and substance use achieve career and life goals. Caitlin has a background in Sociology and Criminal Justice Public Policy and has been putting her degrees and experience to good use throughout her tenure at Goodwill. In her current role, she oversees the implementation of Goodwill’s mental health and wellness strategies through the offering of a number of Employee Development and Family Strengthening programs that provide direct support and connect employees and clients to resources in their communities.

Retail Council of Canada (RCC) is proud to introduce the EnAbling Change for Retailers Program designed to help the retail sector create more inclusive employment practices, promote awareness and regulatory compliance, while driving a culture of respect and dignity for people with disabilities.

Kicking off this program is a four-part webinar series offering retailers the essential tools to integrate mental health into their operations, covering topics from the psychological health and safety factors impacting frontline workers to the connection between mental health and DEI. In this series, you’ll hear about psychological supports and programs from specialists in the mental health community, as well as retailers who are bringing mental health to the forefront of their organizations with employee-driven wellness programs.

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