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UPDATE: Following pressure from RCC’s reopen retail campaign, Ontario announced that the phase 1 reopening would start early on 12:01am on Friday, June 11, 2021. More information


Jobs lost in Ontario


Days closed for retailers in Toronto/Peel

Less than 1%

of COVID cases in Ontario are attributed to retail.

The Ontario government’s own data shows that the non-essential retail sector is not the cause of COVID-19 spread. However, Ontario is the only province in Canada – and only jurisdiction in North America – which continues to keep retail doors locked to the public.

Tens of thousands of jobs have already been lost in retail since the start of COVID-19. With many more businesses at a final breaking point, continued lockdown means that the jobs of thousands more employees hang in the balance.

Retailers, employees, and consumers are all frustrated with workplaces and businesses becoming collateral damage during these prolonged stay-at-home orders. By June 15, 2021, when retailers are allowed to reopen according to the plan presented today, retailers in much of Ontario will have been closed for 144 consecutive days – or a staggering 230 days since the start of the pandemic. 

Ontario needs to recognize the minimum transmission risk of COVID-19 in retail settings and reopen retail.

Help us tell the government to reopen retail.

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  • As an Ontarian and a retail consumer, I support the reopening of retail on June 2, 2021, with appropriate capacity restrictions and health and safety measures.

    Retail shops are not the problem and I implore the Ontario government to let retailers reopen immediately, just like they are in all other provinces and in all countries around the world. It’s time to move forward.

    By June 15, many retailers in Ontario will have been closed for 144 consecutive days – or a staggering 230 days in total – since the start of the pandemic. It will be even worse for retailers within malls as we are deeply concerned to hear that they cannot reopen unless they have an externally facing door.

    I support our merchants and urge the government to allow them to open on June 2, 2021.

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