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Retail Conditions Report: Winter 2024

March 5, 2024

Each quarter, Retail Council of Canada surveys members from coast to coast to bring you the latest news on the retail industry's performance across Canada. The Retail Conditions Report provides members with valuable, real-time insight into consumer behaviour, best practices in retailing, trends, and economic conditions.

Winter 2024

Consumers Kick-Off the New Year with a Holiday Spending Hangover

For Retailers Relying on Winter Sales, Late, Little or in the Wrong Place Winter Weather Causes A Migraine, But Do Foresee Better Times Ahead

If consumers had a You-Only-Live-Once (YOLO) Holiday gift-giving celebrate-the-season no matter what attitude in December, in January, the proverbial chickens came home to roost, bringing credit card bills and a month of shopping penance with them. Merchants reported, almost uniformly, a solid December, a very weak January, and an improving February. Notwithstanding fitness, storage, and white goods, it is natural for sales to cool considerably in January. Still, we ask retailers to compare year-over-year numbers to understand the relative strengths or weaknesses of results. And
they were soft.

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