Coronavirus | Store Operations

The future of the mall

July 14, 2020

Building a new kind of destination for the post-pandemic world

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced a new shock to the retail industry in Canada, accelerating the evolution toward the mall of the future and raising new questions and considerations about what this new destination will look like. How can malls attract customers and bring them back safely? What role will technology play? And how can malls stay relevant in the new normal?

To answer these questions, Deloitte spoke with mall landlords, retailers, and consumers across the country to hear their thoughts on what’s next for the mall and what’s likely to change permanently. Through these discussions, five critical changes were determined that mall landlords and retailers must accept if they want to keep customers coming back. Download report

Contents include:

  • The five critical changes that mall landlords and retailers must embrace if they want to keep customers coming back.
  • What does the “mall of the future” look like?
  • The role safety and convenience will play going forward.
  • Expected spend on discretionary items, Canada and United States vs. Asian countries
  • The role Amazon has played during COVID
  • Stats and post-COVID consumer research.