Trends in packaging Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) – A Retailer’s Perspective

November 27, 2020

Governments are increasingly proposing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) to tackle the abundance of packaging and single-use plastics in the marketplace.

Cost are expected to increase by more than $300M in the next 5 years with changes on the way in Ontario and Quebec as well as expected ones in Manitoba, New Brunswick and potentially Alberta.

Along with this trend comes additional challenges and considerations for retailers.

To help retailers better understand the evolving packaging and printed paper EPR landscape and explore learnings from well-established programs around the globe, RCC and UL have come together to prepare the white paper, Trends in Packaging Extended Producer Responsibility (EDR) – A Retailer’s Perspective.

Learn more about how UL WERCSmart collects packaging EPR data from the supply chain.