Navigating the Future: RLG and Data-driven Insights into Plastic Packaging

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July 20, 2023

| 1:00pm - 2:00pm ET | 12:00pm - 1:00pm CT | 10:00am - 11:00am PT

This webinar will provide attendees with an overview of our Insights Platform and the remarkable impact this has had on businesses. Our Insight Platform has already helped a number of businesses to comply with legislation, reduce costs and increase brand profile. The platform also allows businesses to track and measure their progress towards sustainability goals, which are becoming increasingly important to consumers and stakeholders.

The Insight Platform gives businesses full visibility of their data, allowing them to facilitate open discussions with suppliers and make informed decisions. It allows organizations to identify opportunities for improvement, which can help reduce federal and provincial compliance and EPR costs.

Join our experts to learn more about the functionality and benefits of using the Insight Platform and hear real-world examples from customers who have used the Insight Platform to ensure compliance and facilitate sustainable practices. Register today!



Kieran Roche

Sales Director, Valpak




Gareth Edwards

Insight Platform Consultant, Valpak




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About RLG and Valpak

RLG is introducing the platform to North America, and acts as a gateway for businesses to access Valpak’s technology and services. Valpak owns and operates the platform, while RLG serves as the channel through which businesses can utilize Valpak’s offerings. Both RLG and Valpak are owned and apart of Reconomy Groups Comply Division.

Kieran Roche’s Bio:
As Valpak’s Sales Director Kieran is well versed in helping multinational organizations navigate the challenges posed by Extended Producer Responsibility. Kieran possesses a comprehensive knowledge of Valpak and RLG’s Comply Loop set of services which have been designed to assist businesses to both comply with EPR regulations and also mitigate their financial effects.  He has been working closely with RLG’s team to leverage the experience he has from the comparatively mature UK market to implement market ready solutions for North America and is looking forward to demonstrating how the Data Insight platform can simplify the compliance process.

Gareth Edwards’ Bio:
Gareth is an experienced professional with a strong background in economics and expertise in the fields of data analysis and sustainability reporting. With 5 years of valuable experience at Valpak, he has proven his ability to handle complex data and provide data insights to retail clients.  Gareth has worked with many retailers, including several UK Supermarkets, to provide them with demonstrations of the Insight Platform and how to use its functionality, as well as helping them interrogate their packaging data to make positive, meaningful changes. Gareth’s role as an Insight Platform Consultant has allowed him to become an in-house expert, responsible for developing the platform, introducing new features, and assisting customers in utilizing their packaging data effectively to enhance compliance and sustainability.