Our team is proud to support and represent small, mid and large Canadian retailers. We work across Canada from offices in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax.

Marc Fortin

President, RCC Quebec

Karl Littler

Senior Vice-President, Public Affairs

Government Relations

Karl Littler

Senior Vice-President, Public Affairs

Philippe Cantin

Senior Director, Sustainability Innovation and Circular Economy

Jim Cormier

Director, Government Relations (Atlantic)

John Graham

Director, Government Relations (Prairies)

Greg Wilson

Director, Government Relations (BC)

Jean-Francois Belleau

Director, Government Relations (Quebec)

Sebastian Prins

Director, Government Relations (Ontario)

Cory Anderson

Senior Manager, Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs

Kate Skipton

Senior Policy Analyst, Government Relations

Avery Bruenjes

Policy Analyst, Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs

Kelsey Morden

Environmental Policy Analyst


Santo Ligotti

Vice-President Member Services and Marketing

Anais Trifiro

Director, Member communities, HR and Health & Safety Services

Jodi White

Manager, Member Services

Michael LeBlanc

Senior Retail Advisor

Kalie Belanger

Membership Representative


Mary Markou

Senior Director, Sponsorship and Partnerships

Nikita Patel

Senior Sponsorship Coordinator


Michelle Ribout

Director, Events

Stephaine Lear

Production Specialist, Events


Marcie Wenn

Manager, Education

Communications and Marketing

Branka Stavric

Senior Director, Marketing & Communications

Krystle Manintveld

Web & Digital Content Manager

Colin Asuncion

Marketing Manager

Ahmad Alhaj-Ali

Digital Marketing Specialist

Administration and Finance

Peter Maniateas

Senior Director, Finance & Operations

Susan Roche

Executive & Regional Office Coordinator

Ashley Smeriglio

Manager, Accounting Services

Abdullah Saeed

Manager, IT Services

Tim Chappell

Data Analyst

Ed Gorenak

HR Manager

Capucine Beauchamp

Research & Executive Coordinator

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