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B.C. Environment hosts webinars on upcoming new EPR obligations

August 16, 2022

The British Columbia Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy will obligate new items for extended producer responsibility in 2023. This means that producers regulated under the B.C. Recycling Regulation (manufacturers, distributors or retailers) of these products will need to report their B.C. sales, charge eco-fees on these products and remit those eco-fees. Generally, it takes two or three years for programs for products to be created.

The newly obligated products include: mattresses and foundations, single-use compressed cannisters (e.g., fuel, helium, spray foam, bear spray and aerosols, refillable propane cannisters under 100 pounds and handheld fire extinguishers), more batteries (e.g., electric vehicle, golf carts, pet collars, textiles), electronics accessories (through broader definitions that obligate a greater number of products). The Ministry will hold two sets of webinars in late September and October – one set for “new” producers and another for “experienced” producers.

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Avery Bruenjes
Senior Manager, Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs