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Updates and progress on Manitoba’s Project Safe Shop

January 16, 2024

Project Safe Shop, which focuses on facilitating better collaboration between retailers, police, and the courts, is enabling participants to leverage a common technology for submitting incidents and analyzing macro data to identify and convict the most prolific offenders. Over 100 retail storefronts are submitting data through the platform.

RCC is working with the Winnipeg Operational Table to define the protocols for retail theft incidents that are submitted through Project Safe Shop to help to formalize the process and ensure police agencies and courts follow a set protocol with dispositions for violent and prolific offenders. Currently, Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) is inconsistently using the platform to access incidents submitted by retailers, stating they need legal clearance. RCC has engaged in work with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada to help address concerns and facilitate participation.

RCC is also chairing and supporting a Manitoba Business Working Group made up of local retailers. The group requested that WPS and Manitoba Prosecutions be standing members of the group.  Following some hesitation, both have agreed based on an understanding of the group’s Terms of Reference and a mutual belief this will facilitate better collaboration amongst key parties.

WPS assigned a new inspector to the Manitoba Executive Group and Business Working Group.  Since joining, Inspector Jennifer McKinnon, has opened the lines of communication with both groups and has met with several retailers and organized activities to focus on retail crime. WPS has joined the national blitz initiative as well as identified other opportunities to work closely with retail. 

RCC and several local retailers, including LP members from Rexall, Sobeys, and Home Depot, met with WPS Police Chief Danny Smyth on November 2, 2023. The purpose of the meeting was to ensure the Chief is aware of the ongoing retail concerns and that he is supporting the initiatives that are now coming from the renewed collaboration.

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Rui Rodrigues
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