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Operations resume at Port of Montreal

UPDATE AUGUST 21, 2020: Excellent news: The Port of Montreal and the longshoremen have agreed to a 7-month truce in the labour dispute that has seen operations at the Port suspended for the better part of the last two weeks.

The Port should therefore resume normal operations on Sunday morning. RCC and specifically our Quebec Office (CCCD) played a pivotal role in pushing for remedial solutions including a call for federal intervention via mediation.  The CCCD (RCC) would like to congratulate the union as well as the Port of Montreal for agreeing to this 7-month truce which we hope will result in a long-term contract.

Return to work scheduled for: Sunday Morning, August 23th 
Truce agreement for a period of: 7 months

AUGUST 7, 2020: 72 hours’ notice

The Maritime employers association (MEA) just received a 72 hours’ notice from the Port of Montréal Longshoremen Union’s executive this morning informing them of an indefinite general strike starting on Monday morning, August 10, at 07:00.

The MEA submitted a counterproposal for a truce, with obligations of results, which was rejected by the union’s executive committee. The Association’s preferred option remains negotiation in order to quickly reach an agreement and they are assessing all options available to them.

View RCC CEO Statement: RCC and other leading industry associations call on the federal government to facilitate a quick resolution to the Port of Montreal strike

AUGUST 4, 2020: MGT not accepting further exports

Given the uncertainties of the current labor situation at the Port of Montreal, effective immediately Montreal Gateways Terminals (MGT) will not be in a position to accept any further exports until further notice.

Exports already approved for a late gate by your respective shipping will be accepted for the OOCL Montreal, Ottawa Express and Maersk Penang.

Last receiving date and time for the Liverpool Express will be August 4th 15:00.

Working conditions will be adjusted

On August 3, 2020, the Maritime Employers Association presented a notice of modification of working conditions to the executive committee of the Longshoremen’s CUPE 375 Union. Effective Thursday, August 6, 2020,15:00, the working conditions will be adjusted to the scale of the manufacturing sector for evening, night and weekend shifts.

The Association and its members have been forced to implement these measures as a result of recent union pressure tactics which have translated into an unusually high amount of time and a half and double time shifts.

This decision is necessary following the numerous pressure tactics set in place by the Union, such as the complete stop of overtime work and training. This last tactic could have a significant impact as it could put the Association and its members into a technical strike in a few months and considerably harm the recovery of normal operations. The Maritime Employers Association continues to favor amicable negotiations and urges the union to intensify the pace of these dialogs in order to reach a quick and mutually beneficial agreement.