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City of Victoria single-use bylaw update

March 21, 2023

On Thursday, March 9, 2023, a City of Victoria council committee reviewed a staff report on single-use food and beverage packaging and accessories. Councilors directed staff to prepare a bylaw that would require businesses to:
• Only distribute single-use food ware accessories such as utensils, stir sticks, condiment packages and straws upon customer request;
• Use only reusable products for dine-in service.
Council decided not to proceed with fee requirements for cups and containers. Instead, councilors asked staff to report back with other options that would result in a more rapid shift to reusables for takeout and delivery orders.

Victoria City staff anticipate that Council will consider a draft bylaw in April. The bylaw requires approval by the B.C. Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy before adoption. As a result, the timeline for implementation remains unknown.

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Greg Wilson
Director, Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs