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For members with stores in Alberta: Used Oil Program Amalgamated into Alberta Recycling

The Government of Alberta has determined that the used oil materials recycling program, currently managed by the Alberta Used Oil Management Association (AUOMA), will be amalgamated into the Alberta Recycling Management Authority (Alberta Recycling) in coming months.

The decision is a result of the Government’s review of all recycling management boards and a determination that consolidating the used oil materials recycling program under
one management board would strengthen recycling efficiencies and performance in the province.

Alberta Recycling’s multi-material mandate currently includes the recycling programs for tires, electronics, and paint. The transition will require a regulatory change, and is expected to occur in the latter half of 2018.

Current Status:

Over the next several months, Alberta Recycling will work closely with AUOMA and Alberta Environment and Parks to ensure a coordinated, seamless and efficient transition.

• Until the Government makes these regulatory changes, it will be business as usual for both organizations and their respective programs in order to ensure that services to Albertans continue uninterrupted.

• Alberta Recycling is a Stakeholder Board, representing those involved or impacted by recycling of obligated products. Retail Council of Canada was recently reappointed by the Minister of Environment and Parks to the Director position of “Industry at Large”.

• OtherDirectors represent Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, Alberta Association of Municipal Districts & Counties, Environmental Services Association of Alberta, Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists, Recycling Council of Alberta, Alberta Environment & Parks, Electronics Industry Council Chair, Paint Industry Council Chair, Tire Industry Council Chair and the newly appointed Public-at-large and Board Chair. Its anticipated a used oil will be appointed to the board as part of the amalgamation.

For more information about the Government of Alberta’s decision, please read the notice and set of frequently asked questions issued by Alberta Environment and Parks.

Government anticipates that the amalgamation will be completed by the later half of 2018.

Next Steps:

• As an Alberta Recycling Director, RCC will support a well-coordinated transition by remaining actively involved in the process.
• RCC will also activity follow the progress on the regulatory amendments to ensure they are consistent with our member’s best interests.
• RCC will continue to inform impacted members to ensure you are updated as this transition progresses.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact: John Graham, Director, Government Relations (Prairie Region) at 204.926.8624 or