National Battery Day - Retail Council of Canada

National Battery Day

February 7, 2020

How many products does your business sell that require batteries? As batteries power more and more products we use on a daily basis, we will be celebrating National Battery Day on February 18 and we encourage you to join the celebration too! National Battery Day was created to celebrate the convenience batteries bring to our everyday lives and is promoted by Call2Recycle®, Canada’s national consumer battery stewardship organization, to educate Canadians about the importance of properly recycling batteries at their end of life. 

In addition to fulfilling its environmental mandate, Call2Recycle’s used consumer battery collection and recycling program provides many benefits for retailers. Call2Recycle’s national, proprietary research shows that offering an in-store battery recycling program not only demonstrates retailers’ commitment to environmental sustainability but keeps customers coming back. Many battery recyclers choose to recycle their batteries at convenient retail drop off locations as they like to incorporate their recycling trip into their regular errands. A lot of them then stay to shop! Approximately one-fifth of battery recyclers visit retailers who offer in-store collection programs more often as a result of being able to recycle batteries there. In addition, the research found that consumers have a more positive attitude towards retailers who offer a recycling program in store. By providing this important service, retailers can reinforce their location as a value-added shopping destination and attract a broader clientele. This means, if you offer an in-store battery collection and recycling program you will be helping the environment and driving traffic to your store!

Why is it important to collect and recycle batteries?

With more and more products requiring batteries, it’s critical that Canadians don’t simply throw used batteries out or store them in their homes. Battery recycling helps keep potentially toxic materials from entering the waste stream, taking up space in landfill, threatening wildlife and causing unnecessary fires. Battery recycling also allows re-useable metals and materials to be reclaimed from the original battery during the recycling process. This reduces the need to mine for virgin materials and helps in the production of new products like bicycles, golf clubs, household appliances, and stainless steel products including water bottles and pens. With convenient in-store battery collection and recycling programs available, Canadians are now recycling more batteries than ever!

What is Call2Recycle?

Call2Recycle is the leading battery collection and recycling program and the trusted choice for nearly 4000 national and local retailers across Canada. Since program inception, Call2Recycle has diverted more than 22 million kilograms of used batteries from landfills.

To increase awareness of battery recycling and drive customers to their nearest retailer locations to recycle their batteries, Call2Recycle conducts year-round public education campaigns. National Battery Day is one of their most important campaigns of the year. This year they’ll be motivating Canadians to recycle their batteries at local and national retailers through an education and awareness campaign that shows everyday products which can be made from recycled batteries. The campaign will be supported with radio, print and digital advertising along with social media outreach and traditional media relations.

How can I get involved with Call2Recyle’s in-store battery recycling program?

Call2Recycle welcomes opportunities to work with retail collection partners on consumer-facing initiatives to increase battery recycling. They are available to support your organization-led activities or to involve you in a Call2Recycle campaign effort. Their battery collection and recycling program is easy-to-set-up and easy-to-operate. If you are not currently collecting batteries at your store and are interested in offering a battery collection service to your customers, please contact a Call2Recycle team member at 1-888-224-9764 or visit Call2recycle Collection Partner page.

Let’s make National Battery Day it’s most successful ever. It’s good for business and the environment!