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Francization in Quebec, a constant adaptation in all aspects of communication

February 9, 2023

Company Portrait: Sephora

Sephora is one of the world references in the aesthetics, cosmetics and perfumery sector. Established in Quebec since 2008, the French company offers its customers to explore all the facets through which they can highlight their beauty, by offering them a wide range of beauty products from prestigious brands as well as its own exclusive brands.

Sephora also offers its customers services such as professional makeup, skin care and personalized style advice. Sephora’s stores are known for their dynamic and interactive atmosphere, including regular product discovery events and excellent consulting services.

Being here for several years, Sephora deploys considerable resources to ensure perfect osmosis with its Quebec customers. This inevitably involves his dedication to the use of French adapted to Quebec, which exceeds the regulatory requirements in force. This is manifested through the use of specific Quebec terminology and the systematic translation into French of product names and descriptions, signage, store windows and digital communications.

And Sephora doesn’t stop there! In addition to offering French-speaking environments internally and externally, the company supports many brands in the translation of their products. This allows customers to enjoy a better shopping experience and to identify more with the culture of the company and the products it makes available to them.

The practices developed and the human and financial resources invested in francization concretely testify to its commitment to its Quebec clientele and, more generally, to Quebec and its specificity. In short, Sephora has felt the importance of French in Quebec’s identity, is particularly sensitive to it and has adapted to it with success.