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2021-2022 Executive Survey: Winning the new war for talent

March 7, 2022

We asked 2,000 leaders how they plan to win the war for talent

The talent market is more competitive than ever, and a modern employee experience (EX) is essential. Our new report uncovers senior leaders’ strategies, priorities, and tech investments.

The good news: Employee experience is a high priority

of executives consider improving EX high priority or essential.

Employers are investing in new technologies to build a better employee experience

The top three EX tools employers plan to get in the next two years:

On-demand pay solutions

AI-driven skills matching

Career management/pathing


Employers are often surprised when talent leaves

use tools to identify disengaged or flight risk employees.

And they’re falling short on career development

of employees are leaving due to lack of opportunities or challenges (2021 Pulse of Talent).


of employers are planning to have regular conversations about career opportunities (2021 Executive Survey).

There’s so much more in the full report. Download it to see it all and learn key EX strategies, including:

  • Driving engagement across the employee life cycle
  • Fostering better communication with a distributed workforce
  • Building workforce agility in a world where change is rapid and constant – Personalizing work experiences to better attract and retain talent

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