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Upcoming December ban on manufacture and import of certain single-use plastic items

November 28, 2022

On June 22, 2022, the Government of Canada published the Single-use Plastics Prohibition Regulations. The Regulations prohibit the manufacture, import, and sale of six categories of single-use plastics (SUP): checkout bags, cutlery, ring carriers, stir sticks, foodservice ware, and straws.

The manufacture and import for sale in Canada of these SUP items, as defined in the Regulations, will be banned starting December 20, 2022. Manufacture, import, and sale of the six categories of items differ as to when they will be coming into force based on product category from December 20, 2022, through 2025. Please see this factsheet for additional details.  

The Regulations do not apply to plastic manufactured items that are waste or that are transiting through Canada. The following rules apply for single-use plastic flexible straws to ensure accessibility:

  • The manufacture and import of SUP flexible straws is allowed
  • Retailers can sell SUP flexible straws in packages of 20 or more, as long as  they are not on public display and are only provided if requested
  • Individuals can give SUP flexible straws to others in a family or social setting
  • Care institutions can provide SUP flexible straws to their patients or residents
  • Retail stores (e.g., grocery stores, pharmacies and online retailers) may sell SUP flexible straws in a package of 20 or more to a customer upon request. The package cannot be on public display.

Please see this factsheet for more information on in-store sales and online-sales of SUP flexible straws.

For more information, you can also visit canada.ca/single-use-plastic-ban or contact Environment and Climate Change Canada at PlastiquesUU-SUPlastics@ec.gc.ca.