Retail Council of Canada Applauds Work Completed on Pig Code; Reiterates Animal Welfare Commitment

Retail Council of Canada (RCC) congratulates the National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC)’s Pig Code Development Committee in the completion of the revision of the Pig Code.

“NFACC’s Code of Practice process provides a collaborative, credible, science and consensus based approach to how animals are raised in Canada. This revision provides a significant advance for the welfare of pigs,” said Dave Wilkes, SVP, Government Relations and Grocery Division.

The completion of the revised Pig Code of Practice allows RCC the opportunity to reinforce its grocery member commitment made in April 2013 – to source fresh pork products from sows raised in alternative housing practices by the end of 2022. The revised Pig Code’s sow housing requirement includes:
Groups and pens – which are considered to be alternative housing;
Stalls, if they are provided with the opportunity to turn around or exercise periodically, or other means that allow greater freedom of movement – which are considered to be alternative management of traditional housing systems.

Only the alternative housing is consistent with RCC’s voluntary commitment for the end of 2022.

RCC grocery members will continue to dialogue with stakeholders in their supply chains, and implement the commitment in accordance with their own specific business requirements and in consultation with vendor partners.

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