Calling all candidates: Take the load off retailers and watch Quebec’s economy grow

(Montréal) Retail Council of Canada (RCC) communicated its key proposals to candidates running in the current provincial election in Quebec today. Under the theme “Let’s grow the Quebec economy – lighten the load on retailers,” the RCC statement is an appeal to the next government to work together with Quebec’s retailers. RCC is asking for simplified administrative rules, the elimination of selective waste recycling requirement for containers, fewer operating permits and support for “buy local” promotions through Aliments du Québec. RCC’s platform can be read in full at (French only).

“Retailers are major economic players – proud partners with their communities as entrepreneurs, investors, job creators and generators of prosperity,” said Nathalie St-Pierre, RCC Vice-President Quebec & Sustainability. The retail sector makes a substantial contribution to the Quebec economy. Retailers generate 6% of the province’s gross domestic product (GDP) and provide jobs for over 500,000 employees, 85% of whom are paid more than the minimum wage. “Having a positive business environment, one that makes it easier for retailers to run their day-to-day operations, is crucial to both to the vitality of the sector but to the Quebec economy as well. A prosperous retail sector will pay major dividends for all Quebecers,” St-Pierre added.

Retail Council of Canada is the country’s largest retail industry association with over 45,000 member companies – one quarter of them in Quebec. With a mission to advocate and promote the interests of retailers, the RCC’s goal is to support the success of its members and make their contributions better known to the governments, communities and consumers they serve.

PDF icon ÉLECTION 2014 – Plateforme du Conseil canadien du commerce de détail


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