CSA announces new standard on barbecue grill brushes - Retail Council of Canada
Product Safety

CSA announces new standard on barbecue grill brushes

February 19, 2020

This new standard, which was produced in collaboration with Health Canada, Standards Council of Canada, CSA Group and the Retail Council of Canada, focusses on safe design, manufacturing, and testing of metal-bristle (wire) grill brushes to reduce risk of the bristles breaking or dislodging while in use (and possibly adhering to food cooked on the grill).

Retail Council of Canada has been asking for this new standard on behalf of its members who want to ensure all products being sold are safe for consumers. To be certified, the new standard contains robust testing conditions which ensures low quality brushes that pose a danger will not pass testing. Also, new labelling standards will communicate the risks associated with the product and inform consumers how to properly use the brush. 

Retail Council of Canada is urging manufacturers to make the necessary adjustments and meet these new requirements as quickly as possible.