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B.C. ‘front-line worker’ vaccination update

April 27, 2021

BC’s ‘front-line worker’ vaccination program remains on-hold because of advice provided by the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI). NACI’s first advice limited the vaccine to those 50 to 65, and now to those 30 to 65. The province plans to restart their ‘front-line worker’ program when NACI guidance indicates it is appropriate.

In the interim, every British Columbian should now have registered for the vaccine. In addition, British Columbians aged 40 to 65 can get an AstraZeneca vaccine from participating community pharmacists. Public health experts’ advice is that employers should encourage their employees to be registered and to take advantage of their first opportunity for vaccination.

While the program has been ‘on pause’ now for nearly four weeks, public health authorities have vaccinated some front-line workers in recent weeks in ‘hot spots’ as part of an effort to lessen transmission.

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Greg Wilson
Directeur, Relations gouvernementales (C.-B.)