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Premier John Horgan’s New Democrats re-elected

October 27, 2020

BC re-elected Premier John Horgan’s New Democrats on Saturday, October 24,2020. The NDP had governed as a minority under an agreement with the BC Greens since July 2017. Elections BC expects the results to be finalized by November 16, 2020. Currently, the NDP is elected or leading in 55 seats, the BC Liberals in 29 seats and the Greens would have 3 seats. The results in 13 seats remain in doubt due to a large volume of mailed ballots which remain to be counted. (Expectations are the final result will be NDP 54 to 59 seats, BC Liberals 27 to 31 seats, Greens 2 or 3 seats.) Premier Horgan’s cabinet will remain in place until the new Government is sworn in after November 16, 2020.

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