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CORRECTION: Final Retaliatory Tariffs List and Exclusions

On Friday, June 29, the Government of Canada released the final list of tariffs on imported U.S. products in response to U.S. tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminium. These 10% tariffs, on the landed price of imported goods of U.S. origin, apply to importations beginning on July 1, 2018. Note that these tariffs do not apply to goods that are manufactured elsewhere in the World but merely shipped into Canada through the U.S.

Despite seeking and obtaining confirmation from the Department of Finance about the information contained in Retail Council of Canada’s initial member notice sent out on Friday afternoon, we have subsequently discovered that there were inaccuracies in the notice. Jams (other than strawberry jam), fruit jellies, marmalades, fruit or nut purée and fruit or nut pastes have been excluded from the tariffs, in addition to prepared mustard, which we did indicate correctly on Friday.

Unfortunately, the articles in HS Code 76.15, i.e., table, kitchen or other household articles and parts thereof, of aluminum; pot scourers and scouring or polishing pads, gloves and the like, of aluminum; sanitary ware and parts thereof, of aluminum are not excluded from the 10% tariff, contrary to what we understood on Friday.

The final list of tariffs is found at the following link:

The retail-significant exclusions from the original list are as indicated below.

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