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Loss Prevention: RCC national advocacy updates

June 21, 2022

RCC’s advocacy through the LP Advisory Committee fiercely continues across the country.

A recent highlight has come in Manitoba where a new first-in-Canada incident reporting pilot project is about to be launched, aimed to enable police to leverage technology to analyze macro data and identify and convict the most prolific offenders. Anecdotal reports suggest that less than 20% of perpetrators involved in retail-related crimes may account for more than 80% of retail-related losses and incidents. This work was done through the Minister of Justice’s Manitoba Retail Crime Task Force which includes senior representation from the government, Justice, Manitoba’s police forces, retail, and other key stakeholders. The Task Force recently created the Retail Safety and Security guide, which is a free resource for members and non-members alike.

Other provincial updates of note for members include:
• Meetings in Ontario with adjacent staff for the ministries of the Attorney General, Solicitor General, and Labour, and on discussions how to collaborate;
• Continuing conversations in British Columbia where Ministers have come to the table and spoke to retailers;
• Conversations with Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland & Labrador governments while engaging with police.
RCC will continue the work of this advocacy with the government and police to find long-term solutions that will reduce retail crime. An update on this advocacy in other provinces will be revealed in a later edition of this newsletter.

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