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Windsor/Essex County Health Region to move back to Step 3 this Friday

December 6, 2021

Yesterday, the Windsor/Essex County Health Region issued a Section 22 Health Order which will see the region move back into the province’s Step 3 rules, as of 12:01am, Friday, December 10, 2021.

To date, Windsor/Essex has not identified a case of the Omicron variant.

For the majority of retail members, the move to step 3 has minimal impact. Retailers will have to review workplace safety plans with their employees at least once per month, and must adhere to other rules, like the requirement for retail staff to wear goggles in scenarios where they are frequently coming within 2 metres of unmasked persons (note: if there is a plexiglass divider between the retail staff and the unmasked customer, there is no requirement to wear goggles).

A move back to Step 3 also means that staff are to work remotely where reasonable and possible. Retailers with offices in the Windsor/Essex region will need to consider which staff roles must work onsite, and who can work remotely.

For restaurants, bars, as well as meeting and event spaces, indoor capacity must be limited to 50 per cent to enable physical distancing.

RCC is reaching out to other municipal health units with high case counts, to get a sense of their thinking as we head into the holiday season. We will also continue to advocate and share research with health professionals around the low risk of transmission in retail settings.

Click here for the notice issued by Windsor/Essex County Public Health.

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Director, Government Relations (Ontario)
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