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Amendment – Québec Parental Insurance Plan

Amendment – Québec Parental Insurance Plan

On March 22, 2018, Minister François Blais (Employment and Social Solidarity) introduced Bill 174: An Act mainly to relax the parental insurance plan to promote better family-work balance.

This change is part of the Couillard government’s approach to facilitating family-work conciliation. The tabling of Bill 176 amending the Act respecting labour standards issued Tuesday, March 20 was the first phase of the legislative amendments.

RCC along with members met with the Minister of Labour’s cabinet in June 2017 where the issue of parental leave was raised. The importance of maintaining flexibility in management and avoiding additional costs for retailers were discussed.

The main changes presented are:

  • Increase the period when benefits (maternity, paternity, parental or adoption) can be paid from 52 to 104 weeks;
  • Increase the number of weeks of maternity benefits for a multiple pregnancy;
  • Give the possibility of replacing two weeks of parental or adoption benefits with daily benefits (10 days) for parental responsibilities over a period of 3 years;
  • Add five weeks of adoption benefits, increasing the number from 37 to 42 weeks;
  • Extend the benefit period in the event of the death of the child.

Next Steps:

The Bill may not be put to vote before the end of the session. There are 7 weeks left until the National Assembly rises and elections will be held on October 1, 2018. RCC will keep members informed on any future developments.

Click here to consult the Bill.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Stéphanie Aubin, Director, Public and Government Relations, at or (514) 316-7659.