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Tighter vigilance for use of “procedural masks” for workers in Quebec

December 3, 2020

Retailers in Quebec should be aware of even tighter vigilance by inspectors to ensure compliance with Public Health and the CNESST. The types of procedure masks used are being carefully noted.  

The INSPQ updated its Hierarchy of Control Measures in the Workplace guide to specify the quality of procedure masks. Ideally, masks meeting the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) compliance criteria, F2100 standard, are preferred. Masks meeting standard EN 14683 (type IIR) can also be used. In addition, a document explaining and confirming their more severe position compared to other jurisdictions has been posted. This defines, among others things:

  • Criteria for a quality medical mask
  • A practical guide to buying quality medical masks

As a result of strong recommendations from RCC/CCCD, the CNESST also announced the development of a certification program governing the production of non-medical masks so that they can offer the protection sought when used in the workplace. These certified non-medical masks may be single-use or reusable. Details of this mask certification program are expected in December 2020.  

To see a summary of COVID-19 regulations across Canada, you can also visit RCC’s interactive tool, COVID-19 Requirements for Retailers by Region.