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COVID-19 rules rewritten for apparel retailers in Saskatchewan

May 3, 2020

RCC’s extensive advocacy on behalf of clothing, shoe and sporting wear retailers has resulted in Saskatchewan’s chief medical health officer updating the rules guiding Saskatchewan stores. Initially stores were going to be prohibited from allowing customers to try on items, or return them if they were not suitable. This would have created impossible conditions to operate as stores begin to rebuild their businesses on May 19, 2020 when stores are allowed to resume operation. 

As a direct result of RCC’s efforts, as part of the updated Saskatchewan re-opening plan retail guidelines, stores will now be allowed to operate fitting rooms and offer their customers the ability to return or exchange items.  Items that leave the store and are returned will initially have to be wiped down when possible, and quarantined in a marked bin for 72 hours.  Stores must also adhere to current health orders.

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