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Canada Day 2024 Holiday Shopping in Canada Survey | National Consumer Research

June 17, 2024

Caddle, in partnership with Retail Council of Canada (RCC), surveyed 9,367 Canadians from coast to coast to better understand consumers’ shopping intentions around the Canada Day holiday.

  • The percentage of people intending to celebrate Canada Day in 2024 is unchanged from 2023 at 56%.
  • Gathering with friends and family over a meal will be the most popular activity.
  • 83.7 % of people who plan to celebrate Canada plan to spend the same or more compared to 2023.
  • 40.5% are likely spend over $50 on Canada Day purchases , 23.1% of this group plan to spend between $51-$100.
  • 32% of purchases are planned to be made very close (a week or less) or on the day to the day.
  • 43% (vs 38% in 2023) will make a dedicated shopping trip to buy things for Canada Day.
  • Celebrations around food will be key this year.
  • 78.7% of Canada Day purchases will be made in person at a physical store.

Research powered by Caddle.